The Tabs

Hello everyone :)
I noticed that blogspot has made a small change and came out with a very useful pages that we all can use (or just ignore it if we don't want to use them) and it is easier now to create those horizontal tabs on the top of our blogs. So, I make use this new thing to help me to divide my posts on a few categories. There are five hot themes or categories so far; Home, Reading, Grammar, Worksheets and About Me. These tabs can be found on the top of this blog under the blog's name.
Now, you don't have to go through all my posts one by one. If you want to find grammar materials like notes, exercises, etc. you can just click on the Grammar tab. Easy right? As easy as A,B,C! So, that's all about the pages tabs. Anything you want to ask, just leave me a comment. Thank you for reading and feel free to come again soon!

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